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Re: RFS: personalbackup

On 15-Mar-2006, linuxtuxie wrote:
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package which is described in
> detail below.

Please provide the URL where potential sponsors can download the
debian sources for the package (foo.dsc, foo.orig.tar.gz, and so on).
A binary package for a particular architecture isn't really of
interest to a sponsor.

> Best Regards,
> Kim Kuylen

In general, it's best to change the From header field so that your
real name is used; your email address is what it is, but you should
set your mail software to show your real name also. e.g.:

    From: Kim Kuylen <linuxtuxie@users.sourceforge.net>

>  Upstream Author : Name <linuxtuxie@users.sourceforge.net>

This field also seems not to have been edited properly; "Name" should
be replaced with your real name.

Good luck in getting a sponsor!

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