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Re: Doing a proper package split (cream)

Am Freitag, 10. März 2006 20:36 schrieb Adeodato Simó:
>   (uhm, I was replying to this, but I see that the split is already in
>   the archive.

I decided for the split already and then was pointed at problems with 
0.34-1 so I was rather looking for a half-decent solution now. Re-joining 
the package might be sane, too. I could just add a "Replaces: cream-doc" 
and forget about the split.

>   Executive summary: please remove the conflicts; I'd 
>   personally not split the package, but is your call; current status
>   good, except for the conflicts.)


>   Following up to Simon's considerations about size and arch:all
>   packages, let's peek at the debs:
>     Package: cream
>     Version: 0.33.1-1
>     Installed-Size: 2904
>     Package: cream
>     Version: 0.34-2
>     Installed-Size: 2380
>     Package: cream-doc
>     Version: 0.34-2
>     Installed-Size: 884

I incorrectly considered the sizes of the binary package files instead of 
the actual installed-size. This makes the split even less useful. Rats.

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