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Re: Doing a proper package split (cream)

Am Freitag, 10. März 2006 18:00 schrieb Simon Richter:
> Christoph Haas wrote:
> > 'cream' is a package with a lot of documentation. Until version 0.33 I
> > had all the files in a single package. Now in 0.34 I want to split off
> > the documentation so i have cream (main) and cream-doc
> > (documentation).
> That only makes sense when the documentation is large and the package
> has arch-specific components. Since both packages are arch:all, at least
> in the control file you posted, I doubt it is worth it.

Sure, the architecture-dependency is one aspect. But the size of the 
package is what mattered to me:

512552 cream_0.34-2_all.deb
637582 cream-doc_0.34-2_all.deb

So separating the documentation would save 640 KB for a "normal 
installation". I thought it would be worth it.

> > Conflicts: cream(<<0.34)
> > Replaces: cream(<<0.34)
> If there is no functional conflict, you can omit the Conflicts: here, as
> you are merely replacing files in the old version. This would, however,
> allow a situation where the new docs and the old programs are installed.

You are right. But isn't that true for a number of other split packages, 

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