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Re: Native package or not?

Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> The general suggestion is to not include the debian/ directory in the
> release tarball. The reason is that by the format of the Debian source
> packages no files can be removed by another person's .diff.gz and some
> tools like debhelper act on (non)existance of specific files.

patch is capable of deleting files and even subdirectories when the diff
shows that all the lines in a file are removed. The only limitation I
know of is that a patch cannot represent the deletion of an empty file,
and it cannot represent removing all lines in a file while leaving it

> So if anybody else wants to make packages he may need to repack the release
> tarball to do so.

Given the above, I doubt it.

> Besides the problem of a debian/ directory in a source tarball given
> above (which is inherited by native packages, as they have the debian
> directory in the release tarball by definition), one often told reason
> can be non-nativeness of the package to Debian: If you have other users
> of your package, which use other distributions than Debian, they might
> see a new version of your sources, though you only fixed some mistakes
> in the debian directory. With non-native packages those only results in
> a new .diff.gz.

That is a very weak argument. In general any change made to a source
tarball may only be of interest to some subset of the users, there's no
real reason to single out the debian directory here.

see shy jo

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