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Re: RFS: dsbltesters

Christoph Haas wrote:

> I'd be generally willing to sponsor it, but...

Thanks anyway.

> - Please close the WNPP bug 273204 which you opened yourself
>   one and a half year ago.

Ok, i'll close it.

I assumed though that ITP should be closed after that the package was become
ready and was appeared in the pool. I'm i wrong?

> - Please use the current standards version.

No problem, i'll fix that.

> - The copyright file should contain the years of copyright.

Ok, i'll fix that.

BTW i see many copyright files in Debian packages whitout (c)year lines. Is
it actually a violation?

> - There has been long time no change. Did you contact the upstream
>   to make sure the software is still maintained?

This piece of software is developed and distributed by dsbl.org project
which acts as great free network service. I have no doubt, the software is
pretty _useful_ as one of methods to open proxy/relay reliable testing and
it's included in FreeBSD ports collection. Should i care if it wasn't
updated for 2 years? I maintain an another package (proxycheck) which do
almost the same and it also stays without aggressive development. IMHO,
such a nature of the object: most of open proxies/relays are usual MUAs,
HTTP servers and other well-known services in well-known insecure states.
There is not so many news from the battlefield.

Anyway, i've asked upstream about the software status.

> - Installing the README file doesn't seem to add any value for the
>   end-user.

Ok, i'll remove it.

I assumed that README.Debian is the right place to point on specific build
options. Debian includes needed development libraries, but the easiest way
to debianize this software was just to link it against the supplied
versions. Should i emphasize that somewhere?

> - The upstream tarball I just fetched from the web site has another
>   md5 checksum than the orig.tar.gz you provide. How come?
>   At a first "diff -r" glance the two files have many differences.

$ md5sum dsbltesters_0.9.5.orig.tar.gz dsbl-testers-0.9.5.tar.gz
55285009d90914048df2f62f4c9525d8  dsbltesters_0.9.5.orig.tar.gz
55285009d90914048df2f62f4c9525d8  dsbl-testers-0.9.5.tar.gz

For me, they are identical. Perhaps, you've downloaded by mistake
dsbl-0.9.5.tar.gz which is server software.

> - The package is not lintian clean. Three issues there.

Do you mean issues above or something other? I saw only one:

$ lintian dsbltesters_0.9.5-1.dsc
W: dsbltesters source: out-of-date-standards-version 3.6.1

Could you be so kind to check dsbltesters_0.9.5-2?

Al Nikolov
JID alnikolov@jabber.ru    IRC clown     UIN 312108671
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