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Re: How to close Bugs in experimental

Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Hi.
> Armin Berres wrote:
>>Maybe I don't understand you or you don't understand me.
> Yes, but please be assured that I'm genuinely trying to understand.

I will try ;)

>>There is no Initng version in unstable! The benefit I see from closing
>>the bug completely is that it will vanish from the statistic. In the
>>whole Debian project exist no package with this bug so why should it
>>stay opened? Or lets say why should it appear only closed in
>>experimental? No Initng version is in unstable so it is also closed in
>>unstable this way ;)
> I appreciate your effort to explain, but I must strain your patience a
> bit further if I want to understand:
> - Will there be a version of initng in unstable?

I hope so. But I think this will still need some time (it is quite
stable already so I don't know if it should go there or not.)

> - Was there ever a version of initng in unstable or experimental which
>   doesn't contain the bug anymore?

There was _never_ any version of Initng in unstable. The current version
(uploaded today) doesn't contain the bugs anymore.

> - Can you point me to a bug which is counted as "open" for unstable when
>   it's clearly clearly tagged fixed for some version?
> - Which statistics do you mean?

I'm talking about this statistics:

Have a look at the pending bugs. If I shouldn't close them I shouldn't
have them marked pending too (cause pending means pending to unstable as
I see now).
The bugs are still as pending in the satistic, but they are now fixed in
every Debian package (after tey've been built).
If I wouldn't have marked them pending they would now still appear as

> My apologies for being slow to get this.

No problem. Maybe you understand now what I mean.


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