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Re: RFS: plotdrop - A minimal GNOME frontend to GNUPlot [uploaded]

Hi, Jordan...

On Wednesday 11 January 2006 01:03, Jordan Mantha wrote:
> I am looking for somebody to sponsor a new package for me.
> Package: plotdrop
> Version: 0.5-1
> Section: math
> Priority: optional
> License: GPL
> Maintainer: Jordan Mantha <mantha@chem.unr.edu>
> Description: A minimal GNOME frontend to GNUPlot
>   PlotDrop is designed for quick simple visualisation of 2D data series.
> It is intended to be used in tandem with an external filesystem browser
> such as GNOME's nautilus or KDE's konqueror. Files containing data are
> added by dragging them from the browser to the file list. The homepage
> for plotdrop is : http://icculus.org/~jcspray/plotdrop/

The package looks good. It's uploaded now. Get back to me if you need 
subsequent uploads. Thanks for your contribution.


P.S.: I refuse to see differences in the orig.tar.gz - okay for me.
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