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Re: [gmail] Re: RFS k9copy

> [cut]
> I forgot the ITP number: 320045

I have been testing k9copy on a number of my DVDs; but it rarely manages
to shrink a DVD properly (1-1).

I might be missing something, but what seems to be a problem is:

  1. you cannot adjust the shrink ratio: on analysing a DVD, it does
     some guess of the ratio (the result is a bit smaller wrt the
     After requantising it, I end up with a disk of e.g. 4.9 Gigs
     instead of 6.2 Gigs. Not really useful :-/
  2. The bottom slider is also a bit confusing: with the DVDs tested;
     the slider jumps to the left in the red (I would have expected to
     the right). Red is bad (I assume, confirmed by the result).
     However, there is (AFAIK) no indication of _how_ bad it is: how
     much the DVD is oversized. 
     Combined with this; when removing tracks in an attempt to get the
     DVD within the 4.4 boundary, the slider moves to the right (in the
     inverse logic); but there is no message if the DVD will fit or not;
     the only thing one can do is to run the re-quantising process and
     hope for the best.

From what I've read from vamps; the ratio should be adjustable though so
the front-end could be improved a lot (maybe time to fire up glade-2 in
some idle evening).

I think you're going to have a lot of remarks on this once it hits

This being said, I think it's a great package and reading the noise on
e.g. the transcoding lists; this is what a lot of ppl are looking for on

  greetz, marc
There you are. We've been looking all over for you, Rygel. You're
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