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RFS k9copy

Hi *!
I'm looking for a sponsor for k9copy package:

Package: k9copy
Priority: optional
Section: kde
Maintainer: Claudio Moratti <maxer@knio.it>
Version: 1.0.2-2
License: GPL
Description: Kde utility for making backups of DVDs
 K9copy is an utility that allow the copy of one or
 more titles from a DVD9 to a DVD5.
 The DVD video stream is compressed by the program Vamps.
 Some features:
  * The video stream is compressed to make the DVD fit on
    4.7 Gb recordable DVD
  * DVD Burning
  * Creation of ISO images
  * Possibility of selecting the audio tracks and subtitles
    to be copied
  * Title preview (video only)
  * Possibility of preserving the original menus
 Homepage: http://k9copy.free.fr/

Package is lintian errors free, and is available here:


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