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Re: RFS: swftools - a collection of tools for SWF file manipulation


New upload http://www.iki.fi/simppa/debian-swftools/

Changes after the first upload:

 - It now builds with or w/o lame; if the user has liblame-dev and
   avifile-dev, it builds the full package; if the user has lame, but
   not avifile, avi2swf is not build; if the user doesn't have lame,
   avi2swf and wav2swf are not build (no build-depends on either, and
   .debs don't have avi2swf or wav2swf)
 - It builds also the dev library and the Python modules for Python2.3
   and 2.4
 - It builds against the libart from Debian
 - debian/copyright:
   * added the rest of the copyright holders
 - debian/control:
   * Added space after the bullet points
   * Added Homepage: field
   * Added the library and the Python modules
   * Added python and libart to Build-Depends
 - debian/rules:
   * Removed the unnecessary dh_ scripts
   * Python modules are build from debian/rules
 - README.Debian:
   * Removed some redundant text
 - Removed debian/watch
 - Added debian/librfxswf-dev.* files
 - Added debian/python*-rfxswf.* files
 - Moved debian/docs debian/examples debian/install debian/README.Debian
   to debian/swftools.*

The package now includes five .debs:
 - swftools: the main package with the binaries etc.
 - librfxswf-dev: the static library and the header files
 - python2.3-rfxswf: the Python2.3 wrapper for the rfxswf library
 - python2.4-rfxswf: the Python2.4 wrapper for the rfxswf library
 - python-rfxswf: dummy, which depends on the python2.4-rfxswf

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