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Re: Proposal for collaborative maintenance of packages

skaller wrote:

On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 03:35 -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:


Sorry, if you want Debian to make
particular changes to make it easier to contribute,
I suspect near universal agreement exists here that an ideal system would
enable everyone to contribute according to their situation and ability.

you're much better off
arguing it in terms of the *benefits to the project*


I can suggest whole heap of things that would improve
the situation .. but I can't choose which ones to
implement. All I can do is ask .. please do SOMETHING
to streamline the process a bit more and to make it
a bit easier for more people to get involved.

These things take time.  As it stands now, we have a hard time
processing applicants in our NM queue.  And these are people who
have made significant contributions and commitments to Debian.  Next
time you feel unappreciated, look at some of the horror stories told about
the NM process and all the hoops we make them jump through.  We are
making progress and addressing the problems.  If things continue to
improve, the NM backlog will clear up and we will have even more
dedicated people to fix these issues.  We may even reach a point where the
typical upstream developer can contribute their expertise in a transparent
manner.  We are always looking for the "trusted collaborators" that Manoj
referred to.  If we can improve the system and streamline things to benefit
them and us, we will gladly do so. Few of us are paid to address these kinds of issues. We donate our talent where it will do the most good. We appreciate
the upstream developers who donate the software that we package.

I obviously can only speak from my own experience.  But based upon that
experience and my interactions with other DDs, this summation makes sense.
Bear with us in this effort and I hope your patience does not wear too thin.


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