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Re: RFS: swftools - a collection of tools for SWF file manipulation

On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 18:11 +0200, Simo Kauppi wrote:

> I'm looking for a sponsor for swftools, a collection of utilities for
> manipulating and creating SWF (Flash) files.

I'm not a DD, but I have some comments on the package and other things:

      * The ITP needs to be retitled from an RFP, as suggested by this:
      * You might want to use dpatch/quilt/cdbs-simplepatchsys to
        separate out the different patches (I see manual page changes
        and build system changes)
      * debian/rules:
              * CFLAGS should include -g -Wall
              * some sponsors prefer that you remove commented out dh_*
      * The FAQ should to have the compilation related questions
        deleted. It is probably a god idea to get upstream to split it
        out into FAQ.INSTALL and FAQ (or similar).
      * debian/watch: delete or (preferably) fix it
      * debian/control
              * The bullet points need spaces after them
              * Please add a Homepage line like this:
      * debian/copyright
              * generally, copyright notices are like this:
                Copyright 2004-2005 John Doe
                Copyright 2005 Sam Samuelson
              * You forgot to list other copyrights from these
                dirs/files: pdf2swf/xpdf/ lib/MD5.c lib/action/
                lib/modules/swfrender.c src/gif2swf.c pdf2swf/fonts/
      * For the libart and other external non-modified libraries
        embedded in the tarball, please make sure that the binaries link
        to external debian packages for these, and do not compile the
        embedded versions.
      * debian/README.Debian: You probably don't need the last 4
        paragraphs, the first sentence of the 3rd paragraph and the 1st
      * debian/links: any reason you disable the linking in
        swfs/Makefile.in and use debian/links instead?
      * I'm confused as to why you would use --disable-lame and also
        patch the build system. Also, wouldn't it be better to just let
        the build system detect LAME and use it if possible? This way
        users can easily rebuild the package with LAME support if they
      * Also, I'm confused as to why you disable installing the header
        and library.
      * Also, do you intend to enable the python extension?
      * Please don't forget to send the manual page fixes and relevant
        fixes to the m4 files and build system to upstream. Good
        relationships with upstream projects are important.
      * You might want to upload a version with LAME support to

I look forward to seeing swftools in debian!



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