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Re: RFS vamps (ITP #320067)

Claudio Moratti <maxer@knio.it> writes:

> uhm...
> I could remove the condition, because at first time the debian/rules remove 
> the config.{sub,guess} and, after a dist-clean, copy them 
> from /usr/share/misc/ dir...

> I don't see how it could not work or it creates problems...

There are two standard ways of handling config.{sub,guess}: update them
yourself (possibly with a conditional copy in your clean rule) and let
the changes be in the Debian .diff.gz, or Build-Depend on autotools-dev
and then unconditionally copy them over before running configure.

Either one would work, and different people advocate different choices,
but if the upstream files are out of date it's probably best to use one of
the two common choices.

> uhm...
> there is a 'little' problem:
> if I put the .la file in -dev package, k9copy does not run correctly...

Does the package use libltdl to load the library?  Policy says:

    Packages that use libtool to create shared libraries should include
    the .la files in the -dev package, unless the package relies on
    libtool's libltdl library, in which case the .la files must go in the
    run-time library package.

Generally using libltdl is the only reason why the package would want the
.la file at runtime.

> But You're right...
> I selected 'graphics' section because k9copy works with 'graphics
> things', but it is like a 'bigger tool', because it create an ISO, but
> it could also write it to a DVD...
> BTW Debian menu is a little beat 

There's a discussion going on on debian-policy right now about how to redo
all the menu categories.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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