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Re: RFS vamps (ITP #320067)

On Saturday 24 December 2005 13:33, Stephen Gran wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Claudio Moratti said:
> > Yes, k9copy (like the new qVamps) are frontend to vamps...
> > welldone (I hope) package providing a library...
> Some feedback:
> debian/rules:
> You conditionally copy in config.{sub,guess} but unconditionally rm
> them.  This is not idempotent and will lead to failures to build a
> second time.
I could remove the condition, because at first time the debian/rules remove 
the config.{sub,guess} and, after a dist-clean, copy them 
from /usr/share/misc/ dir...

I don't see how it could not work or it creates problems...

> debian/NEWS:
> cron (3.0pl1-74) unstable; urgency=low ...
> ?? This looks like a cut and paste error.
this news is old (version 1.0.1), now vamps is not included in k9copy 

> debian/libk9copy0.files:
> usr/lib/libk9copy.la should go in the -dev package
there is a 'little' problem:
if I put the .la file in -dev package, k9copy does not run correctly...

> debian/dirs:
> You install /usr/lib/k9copy/ in k9copy, but the libraries are installed
> into /usr/lib/.  Probably the best thing is to just drop that directory
> libk9copy.install to install the files in the subdirectory.
I removed this directory...
It was a 'refuse' from the 1.0.1 version, in witch a copy of vamps (k9vamps) 
was stored in /usr/lib/k9copy folder

> debian/menu:
> I'm not sure what to say here.  There seems to be very little coherence
> in Debian proper about where things are dumped in the menu hierarchy,
> I am not saying you have to change anything, just mentioning it.
But You're right...
I selected 'graphics' section because k9copy works with 'graphics things', but 
it is like a 'bigger tool', because it create an ISO, but it could also write 
it to a DVD...
BTW Debian menu is a little beat 

> General:
> Lots of compiler warnings.  Not a problem in and of itself, but I always
> worry about underlying coding practices when I see lots of 'comparison
> between signed and unsigned' and 'takes type int but arg 4 is long int'
> type warnings.  For the future, you may want to do a code audit, but I
> don't see it as a sticking point for now.
It is in my todo list (now is too late for doing auditing... monday my 
holidays will start :D)!

> Hope that's helpful,
Thank for your feedback!

Merry Christmas
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