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Re: Interest in packaging GNU Shishi and GNU Generic Security Service?

Benjamin Mesing <ben-ml@gmx.net> writes:

> Hello
>> W: shishi source: native-package-with-dash-version
>> N:
>> N:   Native packaging should only be used if a piece of software was
>> N:   written specifically to be turned into a Debian package. In this case,
>> N:   the version number should not contain a debian revision part.
>> N:
>> N:   Native source packages are sometimes created by accident. In most
>> N:   cases the reason is the location of the original source tarball.
>> N:   dpkg-source searches for this in
>> N:   ../package_upstream-version.orig.tar.gz.
>> N:
>> What's causing that?
> I think you need to put a shishi_upstream-version.orig.tar.gz file
> into ../ before running the build (this should contain the upstream
> release of shishi, from which the changes you've made can be deduced). 

I renamed the upstream release to shishi_0.0.23.orig.tar.gz and placed
it in ../.  That seem to have done the trick, thanks!

(Couldn't it have used shishi-0.0.23.tar.gz?  I'm not sure if I
understand the significance of my step.)

I now have lintian-clean packages for Shishi!  I'm using cdbs, with no
upstream patches, so the diff is quite minimal.  All the generated
files are available from:


Any review would be appreciated.  Sponsors too, of course...


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