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RFS: glkloader - dynamic loading front end for Glk libraries


this is the fourth of my seven sponsoring requests for packages related
to Interactive Fiction and the Glk library specification.  I'm posting
them separately for clarity and CCing the corresponding ITP for each
package. Apologies for the number of emails.  Any comments on the packages
are welcome.

The packages more or less depend on one another. See the end of this
mail for a crude dependency graph. All of the packages use cdbs and
libtool, and most use automake as well.

Name: glkloader
ITP: #338477
License: BSD
Download: http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/g/glkloader/
Description: dynamic loading front end for Glk libraries
 Glk is a cross-platform, portable user interface library specification.
 It can handle simple graphics but does best at text, which can contain
 formatting and hyper-links. It is targeted primarily for interactive fiction 
 (text adventure) systems.
 Glk implementations exist for X (see the libxglk0 package), 
 Curses-based terminals (libglkterm0), stdio-based terminals 
 (libcheapglk0), Mac OS, DOS, Windows, and several other platforms.  .
 This library does not provide a real Glk implementation, just a
 dynamic loading front-end that lets the actual Glk library be chosen
 at runtime. You need a Glk implementation (meaning any package that
 provides glk-0.6.1-implementation) before this library actually becomes
 usable. This package depends on libglkterm0, and recommends/suggests
 the others.
 The Glk API version implemented by this library is 0.6.1.

The dependency graph of the packages is crudely

  |     \
  |      \
  V       V
glkterm  xglk
  |      /
  |     /
  V    V
  |     \
  |      \
  V       V
nitfol   glulxe
  |        |
  |        |
  V        V

Niko Tyni	ntyni@iki.fi

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