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Re: RFS: statist - Small and fast terminal-based statistics program

* Jakson A. Aquino <jaksonaquino@yahoo.com.br> [2005-11-06 20:30]:
> On Sun, Nov 06, 2005 at 03:54:07PM -0200, Jakson A. Aquino wrote:
> > The only problem that I had while building the package was
> > that the .dsc file wasn't automatically signed. I signed it
> > manually after dpkg-buildpackage finished its job. That's
> > why it has the extension .asc. Any problem? I can rename it
> > to .dsc, upload the renamed file, and delete the dsc.asc.
> Problem solved. I was using "Jakson Aquino" in the control
> files, but I used my full name in my GnuPG key. I put my
> full name in the debian subdirectory files, and everything
> was ok.
> I uploaded the files again, including the .orig.tar.gz., and
> a new one: .changes

.changes is also not needed.
A source package always includes a diff.gz, an .orig.tar.gz 
and .dsc. If the package is a native package .diff.gz is not 

> I think that now they can checked...

dpkg-source -x statist_1.3.1-1.dsc 
dpkg-source: error: file statist_1.3.1.orig.tar.gz has size 578 instead of expected 487187

Please fix.
Regards Nico
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