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Needing explanations about BTS usage for wishlist

Hello Mentors,

After discussion in the "ifupdown-bonding package" thread, I've decided I wanted to submit a proposal to include some of my patches to two debian packages : ifenslave-2.6 and vlan (many thanks to Loic Minier for his patience with me). After looking at various documents and real-life example, I ended up with the conclusion that the correct procedure would be to fill in bug reports for those packages, with a wishlist severity and a patch tag. Could you comfirm it is the right way to do it ? Are there any additional things I must know/do ?

As I want to get more involved with Debian, I printed out copies of debian policy manual, debian developer's reference and debian new maintainer's guide, but I'm not done reading yet :-) So if the answer to the previous question is around the lines of "RTFM", I'd gladly do so if some more precise pointer (chapter ? page # ?) is included ;-)

Besides, concerning ifenslave, I have additional questions:

- ifenslave is a dummy package depending on either ifenslave-2.4 or ifenslave-2.6. Is that what is called a "transition package" ? - I have noticed that ifenslave-2.4 is not maintained actively, and that last modifications applicable to both versions were only applied to ifenslave-2.6 by the maintainer (i.e. new if-up/if-down scripts). Is that something I can find explained in the policy manual, or is it left to the maintainer's appreciation ? - Also, I noticed that a wishlist entry (in the same spirit as the one I want to submit) has been submitted for ifenslave, and marked as resolved after being implemented in ifenslave-2.6 only. Should I fill my wishlist entry for ifenslave or ifenslave-2.6 ?

Best Regards,
Jerome Martin

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