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Re: managing my packages with svn

Fathi Boudra wrote:

> Le Jeudi 13 Octobre 2005 10:53, Bastian Venthur a écrit :
>> Hi mentors,
>> In order to keep track of my changes in the development of my packages
>> I've decided to put my "debian" folder with all the packages and sources
>> inside into a svn repo.
>> My question is simple: Are there common pitfalls I should look out for? I
>> could imagine, that all the new .svn dirs in every folder could cause
>> some trouble, when building new packages.
> take a look at http://workaround.org/moin/SvnBuildpackage

Thanks for pointing me to SvnBuildpackage. Allthough I think it provides a
good way of keeping track of your changes, I'm afraid the whole
buildprocess becomes too complicated -- especially for New Maintainers (me

I think I still prefer the easy way by just putting the debian-dir (where
all my packages are stored) under svn control or maybe an own repo for
every package.

This way I just have to deal with two seperate problems:
(1) ci/co
(2) building the package as usual

Does anything speak against my method? BTW: how do I make pdebuild and
debuild to ignore the .svn dirs?

Kind regards


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