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Request for substitute sponsor (vim-vimoutliner) and some questions

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my sponsor (Martin F. Krafft) got tendonitis, so I need somebody to help me
with vim-vimoutliner. Is there any nice DD willing to sponsor next upload
of vim-vimoutliner package? Version 0.3.4-2 is available at
<http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej/progs/debian/>. However, before uploading,
please consider these questions:

1) I've got message on 2005-07-07 that VO 0.3.4-1 was uploaded, but when I
checked today <http://packages.debian.org/vim-vimoutliner>, it shows
0.3.3-6 even in unstable (I have testing here, so I am not sure what is
really in unstable). What's going on? How can I find out where my package
got lost?
2) Bug# 216626 <http://bugs.debian.org/316626> -- I have tried to close
(because it was already fixed in 0.3.4-1), but then the reporter reopened
it claiming that it was not fixed in sarge, so it should stay opened. That
IMHO isn't correct -- bug is closed when it is fixed in unstable, isn't it?
Moreover, when I was going through debian/changelog I found that I have
really forgot to close it there, so I have created new version 0.3.4-2
which is again available at  <http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej/progs/debian/>
which I would like to ask you to upload on my behalf. Will it get rid of
that bug at all? Or what should I do with persistent user claiming that he
wants to have it fixed in stable? On the other hand, 0.3.3-6 (which is what
is in sarge) really IS broken -- how do I get package to

Thanks a lot,


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