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Re: [RFC/RFS] adm8211-source - driver for ADMtek wifi card

Hi Geert,

Thanks for your feedback.

There are no signs of an ITP   ( Intented To Package )
Please file an "ITP bugreport"

I thought it was optional.  Fixed anyway, see http://bugs.debian.org/333237

A newer version is available at http://web.ncf.ca/jmranger/adm8211/ with the following changes:

- improved README.Debian (typo fix + additional info)
- changelog now reports closing 333237 (the ITP bug report)

In addition, package was finally tested on Sid. No changes required, tesst passed as-is. The only thing is that adm8211-source must be added in /usr/share/modass/compliant.list - that wasn't required for my initial Sarge test setup. But since ipw2100-source (which I took my inspiration from) is listed there too, I consider it's OK.


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