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Re: RFS keurocalc - universal currency converter and calculator

On Thursday 06 October 2005 20:35, Florian Ernst wrote:
> Hello *,
> On Thu, Oct 06, 2005 at 08:04:55PM +0200, Claudio Moratti wrote:
> > I'm looking for a sponsor for keurocalc package ;D
> Last I heard I still thought I was going to sponsor this, see our mail
> exchange around Message-ID: <20050915235845.GL16180@ernst.uni-hd.de>.
I remember that message :D

My answers were:
before kfolding upload:
Yesterday evening I rebuilt from scratch for another time...
At the first time the Makefile didn't appear in sources, but from the 
second... :(
I found the bug: in po/Makefile.in there are a missing "nb" in SUBDIRS 
variable... I'll send a bug report to upstream and I'll study how to apply a 
patch with dpatch (the dirty way should be removing this Makefile from 
debian/rules... but I think that is better apply a patch to po/Makefile...)

after kfolding upload (with some thanks for you support :D):
Finally I fixed the problem with po/nb/Makefile... I added a patch (forwarded 
to upstream with a little explanation) to fix the Makefile... Now 'make 
distclean' works correctly :)

> However, as you hadn't dealt with all the issues I mentioned in that
> mail (like e.g. your orig.tar.gz unnecessarily differing from upstream's
> tarball) I didn't push you any further, thinking you were still
> working on this and you'd get in contact again once you were done...
I fixed the problem with differences between original traball and 

I download it from http://opensource.bureau-cornavin.com/keurocalc/
extract it and my orig.tar.gz in two different folders and 
diff -rn keurocalc/ keurocalc-0.9.4/
without output...

I wrote you about that, telling that I've had to apply a patch because of a 
missing language in target file...
the bug was a problem with the Makefile* files in po/ directory 

> If you prefer to have someone else sponsoring this package I won't
> complain, though.
I want you :D

because you have taught to me many things about packaging, and not only about 

> Cheers,
> Flo

   ~~>MaXeR <~~

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