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Re: Sponsors and the Uploaders field (was: RFS: dict-freedict ...)

Re: Matthew Palmer in <20051002002702.GC22513@hezmatt.org>
> The primary reason I've seen expressed for desire to be added to the
> Uploaders field is so that the sponsor can get a quick summary of a
> sponsored package's state from the excellent developer.php script on
> qa.debian.org.  I've noticed that being able to do a "subscription" in
> developer.php is a requested feature, but I can't see a way to do that yet.

I'm working on it. Jeroen committed a first patch on Sunday, which
makes the internal backend data more handy. There is no nice interface
yet, but you can already put


at the end of the URL and it will display additional packages.

Suggestions on how to make that persistent are welcome. We already set
a cookie, so we can extend that, but we probably don't want the
additional packages to show up on every page you view (e.g. when
clicking on the maintainer link on the PTS pages), so it has to be
associated with "your" page (whatever that means).

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