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RFS: ccbuild - C++ source scanning build utility


I'm the author of ccbuild ( http://ccbuild.sourceforge.net ) and this
is a request for sponsoring.

All my debian work can be found here: http://www.ai.rug.nl/~bneijt/debian/

ccbuild is an automated build utility for development of C++ programs.
It's not ment for distribution but for simple scriptless building
during development.

Compile time dependencies are: flex
Runtime dependencies are only the general libraries.

I think it passes every test, but of course it's up to the sponsor to
verify that ;-)

Because this is a simple to use, almost beginner targeted utility,
having a easy way of installing this would be vary nice.


Debian short and long descriptions:
 Description: A strict developer's build utility
  ccbuild is like a dynamic Makefile. ccbuild finds all programs
  in the current directory (containing "int main") and builds them.
  For this, it reads the C++ sources and looks at all local and global
  includes. All C++ files surrounding local includes are considered
  objects for the main program. The global includes lead to extra
  compiler arguments using a configuration file. Next to running g++
  it can create simple Makefiles, A-A-P files, and graph dependencies
  using DOT (graphviz) graphs.

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