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Re: RFS: FileZilla3 - GUI ftp client of wxwidgets2.6

> > Note that bootstrapping autotoolage at build-time is an official QA
> > nightmare [1] and if Dante would put
> >
> > 1. Don't believe me, look at Sam Hocevar's QA meeting talk slides:
> >   http://sam.zoy.org/lectures/20050910-debian/img16.html
> Yes, this is what EmfoxZhou was doing before, running autogen.sh in the
> configure-stamp target of debian/rules. My suggestion did not change
> that. In this case, the upstream source does not ship with a configure
> or Makefile.in files, so the autogen.sh needs to be run at some point.
> Upstream should probably be told to use make dist.
in fact, the upstream has not officially released a tarball, i just
used the CVS checkouted ones. you know, thing like Makefile.in
couldn't be in CVS...

so, what should i do, is it ok to package the orig.tar.gz after
running autogen.sh, so that all the autothings could be included ?
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