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Re: RFS: FileZilla3 - GUI ftp client of wxwidgets2.6


      * Delete all the Makefile.in, config.h.in during debian/rules
        clean, or make otherwise make it so that they are not in the
      * Any reason for using experimental instead of unstable in the
      * debian/copyright needs improvement - who holds copyright? what
        are the licencing terms written in the ustream README and source
        files? There is a good FAQ about writing these on the lists
        somewhere, I forget the URL tho. It might be mentioned in the
        debian-mentors FAQ.
      * short and long description in debian/control needs improvement.
        A one line long description is not enough.
      * debian/rules: remove dh_make cruft and commented out dh_*/dpatch
      * debian/manpage.1: that isn't a real manpage, delete it or write
      * debian/menu: fix needs, section and title
      * why didn't you file an ITP bug before you started packaging and
        close it in debian/changelog. Please do this now
      * please register at sponsors.debian.net to make sure this RFS is
        not forgotten.



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