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Re: there was php4-eaccelerator ?

Hi, All

I tried to find php4-eaccelerator package using google ,, but I cant find.
I make php4-eaccelerator  to  be used in debian sarge  , php4-4.3.10-16

It can be found in http://www.psabs.com.br/debian

Jose Carlos

Hi, Roberto

But this package can be put in non-free ?

You made this package,, where can I find ?
I dont have problem with licenses,, and will put eacelerator in my server :)

Jose Carlos

On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 10:06:25AM -0300, Jose Carlos do Nascimento wrote:
Hi , All

I saw that there was php5-eaccelerator package.
But and about php4-eaccelerator ? did someone make it , or can I create this package ?

Please see the following threads:


Check the news statements for 2005/07/11:


Probably not a possibility.


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