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Re: RFS: kde-icons-nuvola -- popular icon theme for kde

Damyan Ivanov wrote:

>> If you take a look at the orig-src from upstream, you get the following
>> directory-tree:
>> orig-tarball:
>> `+ nuvola
>>  `-+ 128x128
>>    + 64x64
>>    + ...
> This is supported by dpkg-source, no need to repack.
> You need to repack upstream sources *only* if they contain non-free parts.

Hmmm could you please give me a hint how to use this? My steps are the

1) unpack tarball
2) rename dir if not compatible with debian's naming convention
3) run dh_make
4) adjust all the files in debian/
5) run debuild
6) upload

where can I improve my practice?

Kind regards


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