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Re: RFS: kde-icons-nuvola -- popular icon theme for kde

Hi Christooph

Christoph Haas wrote:

> I would have liked to look at it. But using the official upstream
> tarball from icon-king-com didn't match your package:
> dpkg-source: error: file kde-icons-nuvola_1.0.orig.tar.gz has size
> 13594245 instead of expected 13567432

Thanks for you interest in my package. The difference comes from my practice
in packing icons:

If you take a look at the orig-src from upstream, you get the following

`+ nuvola
 `-+ 128x128
   + 64x64
   + ...

I've unpacked the tarball an left out the nuvola-dir -- I just used it's
contence. In this case my orig-src looks like this:

`+ kde-icons-nuvola-1.0
 `-+ 128x128
   + 64x64
   + ...

As you can see, I've not removed any files, just the nuvola dir itself.
I thought this is a common practice, since most upstream sources don't
include a parent dir which is compatible with debians naming-scheme.

> And the orig.tar.gz from venthur.de would take days to download (<1
> KB/second). Do you have an alternative location to download?

Hmmm seems to be an issue with my host. It seems to be fixed now.

Kind regards


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