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Re: RFS: gips - an isotopic pattern calculator


Thanks for having a look at the package.

Frank Küster wrote:
> Christoph Haas <haas@debian.org> wrote:
>>Are there multiple 0.7 versions? :)

Not that I know of. Probably mixed up the tarball with one of the dev
dir. I rebuild the package with a downloaded version.

>>Further annotations:
>>- your debian/changelog looks strange :(
I hope it's better now.

>>- please tidy up the debian/rules file :(
I'm sorry, but I have no clue what you want you want me to do.

>>- building the package works well :)
fine :)

>>- when I tried to use the "Help" menu item I had a segfault :(
*blush* fixed.
>>Could you please fix these minor issues?

As reported above. The new files can be found at

> Some further comments:
> - you are also the upstream developer of this package.  Do you use
>   Debian, or would you just like to see it included in one more
>   distribution?  I'm asking because if you're going to maintain it, you
>   should be using it on Debian.

The program is developed and used with debian.

> - There's a manpage for gips in the debian directory, why not in the
>   upstream tarball?  

To write a proper documentation is still somewhere on the todo list :(
This very basic man page was added for the debian package. It will be
added to the next upstream version.

> - Since the package will depend on X, it would be nice to have a hint in
>   the description that there's also a command line tool.  And that it
>   produces gnuplot output, anyway.

The command line tool is not part of this package and is therefore not
mentioned. It's not included in order to start things simple. On a
longer time scale it is planned to split the program into a library, a
command line tool and a GUI as supposed previously:

> - Upstream issue: The tarball happens to contain a copy of the GPL, but
>   nowhere does it say that this license applies to the other contents.
>   It should, please read the "How to apply" section in COPYING.

The sourcefiles are marked as supposed here:
Nevertheless I seems that the template I borrwed from somewhere was not
complete also something I will take care off in the next upstream release.

>   It also is practice to include the paragraphs cited here in
>   debian/copyright, not only "It's GPL, text is at...".  I don't know
>   whether this is mandatory, though.

I included the paragraphs.


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