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Re: autotools during build

On Sat, 13 Aug 2005, Armin Berres wrote:
> "You have two good choices, and one bad choice for packaging upstream
> source which uses automake and autoconf and contains generated files:
> 1. Tolerate the big diff size, and run the autotools stuff before you
> create the debian source package.  This is what I usually do.

Just to make it a bit more clear, I do not advocate uselees bloating up the
.diff file by copying over config.guess and config.sub.  Remove them in the
clean target, and symlink them (or copy them for no extra brownie points)
before calling configure in debian/rules.

> Most people proposed to use the 3. choice so far. According to above
> document this is not a very good solution. That's a little strange,
> isn't it?

I stand to what I wrote.  IMO, the third choice is the worst possible
solution, and so far the reasons for advocating it have been weak at most,

 1. it bloats the diffs
    -- not a big deal. Those are compressed, and end up only once in the 
       entire archive.  We should be killing a lot of other crap as well
       if we are to bother with this kind of "bloat".

 2. it adds non-interesting things to the diffs
    -- yes, it does.  But it is quite easy to ignore those hunks if you
       are hunting down the Debian changes. 
       It becomes a problem in certain situations where it is akin to
       assuming that the maintainer is not being a sneaky bastard and
       trying to pass something else as an autotools update hunk.

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