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Re: pbuilder fails when looking for X / XOpenDisplay [solved]

On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 07:12:45AM -0400, Neil Roeth wrote:
> On Aug  6, Rene Engelhard (rene@debian.org) wrote:

>  > Kevin Coyner wrote:
>  > > On Sat, Aug 06, 2005 at 06:21:22PM +0200, Lo???c Minier wrote......

>  > > >  I suggest you try understanding what the requirements are to
>  > > >  build your package, this is usually achieved by reading the
>  > > >  upstream INSTALL file or better: the configure.ac/in.  You can
>  > > >  then derive the needed build-deps.

>  > > I was missing xlibs-dev in the Source/Build-Depends part of my
>  > > control file.

>  > Use what you really need. It was already mentioned in this thread
>  > (libx11-dev). Don't use xlibs-dev, it's superfluous and a empty
>  > dummy package anyway...

> I agree in principle, but that is easier said than done in some cases.  I
> tried to change a build dependency in the aplus-fsf package from xlibs-dev to
> libx11-dev and it failed to build under pbuilder, just like the above.  I
> found some old messages that said the problem was that the autoconf macros
> AC_PATH_X and AC_PATH_XTRA make assumptions that are no longer valid with the
> split of all the X libs from xlibs-dev into the small components.  Has anybody
> figured out how to use just libx11-dev and make these macros work?

Well, ironically enough, most of the answer is in the subject of this

The problem with AC_PATH_X is that it checks for a particular function which
is provided by the Xt library, not by libX11.  The fix for this is that
AC_PATH_X takes optional arguments, telling it to check a different

  AC_PATH_X([X11], [X11/Xlib.h], [XOpenDisplay(NULL)])

That should be enough to get AC_PATH_X working with libx11-dev only.

The other option is to just add libxt-dev to your build deps.

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