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Re: Packages which need themselves to compile?

On 23-Jun-2005, David Given wrote:
> I suspect that the only way to cleanly package this for Debian (and
> for most other architectures) would be to split it up into (a)
> tools, (b) code generators, (c) compilers, (d) libraries. Each one
> would be a different Debian package and build and install seperately
> (but possibly from the same source package).

That seems the sensible route to take. There doesn't seem to be a
cyclic dependency in what you've described.

> This does mean that building it all in one pass would be tricky,
> though.

Smaller pieces are easier to test (or at least, to build tests for).
Building in one pass isn't a requirement. An auto-builder will take
care of the series of steps needed to build dependencies and install
them, so long as the individual packages support this.

A meta-package can, of course, be written to allow an end-user to
easily install all these related packages as one action.

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