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Re: namespace conflict != package Conflict?

Steve Greenland wrote:
On 12-Jun-05, 02:27 (CDT), Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> wrote:
You need to convince either git or GNU Interactive Tools
to change its name upstream then. Since git is the newcomer
and its name is already taken (by a GNU project no less!)
perhaps you could start there.
The existence of the GNU Interactive Tools was noticed when Linus picked
the name 'git'. The discussion then noted that this previous use of the
name was more-or-less dead upstream, and not widely used.

The upstream name isn't going to change. There are probably already
more users of GIT-the-VCS than GIT-the-tools. So if you rename git for
Debian, we are very likely going to to be incompatible.

Uh, so why hasn't the option of renaming (or just dropping) GNU Interactive Tools been discussed? Policy might require us to not have two packages installing different functionality under the same command name, but it doesn't require us to adopt "first come, first served".

GNU Interactive Tools hasn't seen an upstream update at all since 2001, and looking at the diffs since .18, doesn't seem to have had any significant changes since 1999. The Debian updates seem mostly to be updating the build system, rather than user-visible changes.

Popcon says:

#name                            inst  vote   old recent no-files
cogito                            70    10     1    59     0
git                               95    19    66    10     0

which aiui means that 10 of 11 cogito installers use it regularly, while 19 of 85 git installers do; the "59 recent" presumably screws the stats up a bit much. See what happens when you upload your packages?


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