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splitting a package's source

Hi all,

I am both the maintainer and upstream for a package called "rsyncrypto". It's an encryption program for files with a twist (rsync friendly).

Putting on my upstream hat, I am trying to make sure the package keeps on consistently conforming to previous versions. To that end I have created a regression testing infrastructure. It's a bunch of files pre-encrypted and with their keys. It also has a script that checks that the current version can still decrypt the original files in the regression test suite.

Here's the problem, though. These tests are binary files, that make CVS sluggish and unresponsive. I simply cannot keep them on the same CVS tree as the sources for rsyncrypto. As such, I want to split the regression tests to a separate source file.

Removing my upstream hat, and putting on my maintainer hat, I would still like that building rsyncrypto will be able to "make test" and run the regression test suite on the files. In effect, I need rsyncrypto to be built from two source files. My question is, "is this possible"?

One way I thought of doing it is to create a Debian package called "rsyncrypto-regtest", and have rsyncrypto build-depend on it. That is probably the best way to solve my specific problem, and will be what I'll do, but I'm wondering whether there isn't another way of doing it. Is it possible to have two source files build the same package?


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting ltd.
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