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failure to verify signature (was: Question about next step)

also sprach Adeodato Simó <asp16@alu.ua.es> [2005.05.19.0749 +0200]:
>   % md5sum mutt-cirrus-1000-8080-10
>   b43c01237c4ec2221ba651da1c0a0d4a  mutt-cirrus-1000-8080-10

Okay, things are getting funky:

$ wget -qO- http://madduck.net/~madduck/scratch/mutt-cirrus-1000-8080-10 | md5sum        
1638a7c4c860d915b77265e00ea300be  -

I get this result on a bunch of servers. However, this message now
verifies correctly.

Maybe it was too late last night? Unfortunately, I did not keep the
orginal message around, so I cannot investigate this further. I'll
keep an eye open though.

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