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Re: New maintainer checklist

On 09-May-2005, Andreas Fester wrote:
> Hi Ben,

[Andreas and others: please respect my Mail-Followup-To header field
when posting a followup to the list.]

> - In addition to the documents below, reading the
>   New Maintainers Guide: http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/
>   is a must

Forgot that one, thanks.

> - You should subscribe to debian-devel; this is where development
>   and packaging issues are discussed

At what point is this necessary? I usually read debian-devel by proxy
(DWN); it's *way* too high-traffic for me to do anything but file it

> - The next step in becoming the maintainer for the package
>   is probably to issue an ITA (Intent to Adopt) request.

I've done the ITA on bug #302297, and a prospective sponsor has
already contacted me.

> - You can of course already start with creating the debian package,
>   put it on a public URL and give that URL in your ITA so that
>   others can review it (listening on debian-devel for a while should
>   give you an idea how the process works)

I thought the idea was to simply retitle the bug?

Naturally I'm happy for more feedback:


> - From my own experience: Use a chroot environment like pbuilder
>   to check if all build dependencies are met before you provide your
>   package for review :-)

Good idea. I'm also installing a bunch of the other tools I'd never
heard of when I read the Developer's Reference :-)

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