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Re: RFS: sitecopy

On 23 Apr 2005, at 16:32, Reed Snellenberger wrote:
2) leave the existing Conflicts: in place as-is, because it suggested an actual conflict with the earlier version of xsitecopy.

My question was more like this: Is the current xsitecopy in Debian incompatible with the new one? If so please conflict, if not you did the right thing. I was just wondering about it.

3) as an interim step, possibly ask ftp-masters to remove the existing (semi-broken) xsitecopy-0.11.4-6 package (still undecided about that)

I don't know really what our archive maintenance ladies do if they lose a binary package from a source package. Perhaps someone else could comment on this.

Comments on this strategy would be appreciated ;-)

Looks ok to me.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

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