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Re: RFS: volume.app - A dockapp enabling esay control of the volume level

Carlos Parra <carlospc@gmail.com> writes:
>  Package name	: volume.app
> This program it's quite simple, and have been orphaned for a while... i
> use it frequently, that's the reason i would like to adopt it.

Well, there are *3* bugs about this. In your changelog, you only close
one (which is merged with another one, but this leaves #302588).

There was the suggestion to change the package name to something without
the ".app" suffix (which is used for GNUStep packages). Please do this
change, but read the documentation about the migration to a new package
*before* you do it.

Anyway, the rest of the package is horribly broken.

* debian/control:
   + Please replace the xlibs-dev dependency with the -dev packages you
     actually need (xlibs-dev was split some time ago and is a
     meta-package nowadays) 
   + You only need 3.6.1 in the Standards-Version, the last part of the
     version number is not important and is bumped for fixes that don't
     change the meaning of the policy.
   + AFAICS, volume.app only works with OSS mixers, if this is correct,
     you should put in the description
* debian/copyright:
   + Please say who actually owns the copyright.
   + This (and i quote it, because i want to use it as example for the
     rest of the list) neither lists the copyright owner(s) nor does it
     clarify the license, it is just b0rken:
| Copyright:
|                     GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
|                        Version 2, June 1991
|  Free Software Foundation
|  59 Temple Place - Suite 330
|  Boston, MA  02111-1307,  USA
|  Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
|  of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
     Please replaces this with the correct copyright information, a
     valid license statement and a reference to the GPLv2 file in
     /usr/share/common-licenses. Please also note that the actual
     license is GPLv2 or higher.
* debian/dirs:
   + You don't need this file, make install creates the needed dirs.
   + Why do you create usr/sbin?
* debian/docs:
   + The documents listed here are passed as CLI argument to
     dh_installdocs in debian/rules. You don't need the file.
* debian/rules:
   + Remove the configure targets, you don't use (nor need) them.
   + The CFLAGS magic: You don't use CFLAGS (which you should do), so
     either remove it or use it to tell make what to do.
   + The INSTALL_PROGRAM magic: Remove it, you use dh_strip.
   + Remove all the dh_ calls in binary-arch that are in comments and
     therefore not used.

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