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Re: RFS: tinywm - Ridiculously tiny window manager

My comments against your description:

Description: Ridiculously tiny window manager
 TinyWM is a ridiculously tiny window manager implemented
 in nearly as few lines of C as possible, without being
 obfuscated or entirely useless. It allows you to move,
 resize, focus (sloppy), and raise windows -- that's it!
 TinyWM's main purpose is to serve as a quick example of some
 window manager programming basics.
 And this is likely to be able to use it as a window manager of a
 embedded system.

1, I would not want to have a relative term like 'ridiculously'
2, the first line is just a repetition
3, the source code is not what the user will directly see.

I suggest the following
Description: Tiny Window Manager
 TinyWM is a small and simple window manager with small 
 memory footprint, useful in embedded systems.
 Features window move, resize, sloppy focus and raise.
 Due to the simplicity, the source code in C and python 
 can be used for reference in Window Manager programming basics.

Could l10n-english folks proofread my description?

BTW, I was really surprised that it was really so small.
$ wc -l tinywm.c
58 tinywm.c


Junichi Uekawa, Debian Developer
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