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RFS: setpwc and bmeps


I have made some packages and ask for comments about the quality of
the packaging. Perhaps someone is interested in sponsoring any of

In the first instance these are setpwc (could close #290553) and bmeps
(and related packages, a doc, a library, and a dev package) from the
bmeps sources.

>From the package description of setpwc:

Description: program to set and query settings of Philips WebCams
 The setpwc program can set properties such as compression preference,
 framerate, gain control, shutter speed, white red and blue balance,
 etc. It can also query current settings.
 In addition, setpwc can store the settings in nonvolatile RAM, as well as
 restore factory defaults.

>From the package description of bmeps:

Description: tool for converting bitmap images to eps-files
 The bmeps packages contain tools for converting bitmap images to
 eps-files. Currently bmeps can handle .pnm, .ppm, .pgm, .pbm, .jpeg,
 and .png images.  The conversion functions are also available in
 library form.  This package provides the command line tool.
 Homepage: http://bmeps.sourceforge.net/

The packages are available from http://www.lennartsson.se/debian/

Please note that the other packages in the repository are preliminary,
and not meant for public distribution/sponsoring right now.


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