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RFS: python-visual - VPython 3D scientific visualization library


I have been packaging VPython for some time now and would like to get
it into the main Debian archive.  There has been an ITP for this way
back in September 2001 (#112118) which was retitled to RFP in December
2002 due to nothing happening with it.  According the the WNPP bug
(#112118) Debian Jr. also had interest in this package.

So here it goes:

Package: python-visual
Version: 3.1.1-2
Section: python
Description: VPython 3D scientific visualisation library
  Visual is a Python module for 3D scientific visualisation.  It offers
  real-time 3D output and is easily usable by novice programmers.
  A program can create 3D objects (such as spheres, curves, etc.) and
  position them in 3D space.  Visual, running in a separate thread,
  automatically updates a 3D scene many times per second to reflect the
  current position of the objects.  The programmer does not need to deal
  with display management but can focus on the computational aspects for
  the program.  The user can navigate in the 3D scene by using the mouse
  to zoom and rotate while the program is running.  Visual supports full
  vector algebra.
   Homepage: http://www.vpython.org

The packages can be found at http://www.soton.ac.uk/~fb102/Debian.
Note that these packages are build using sarge, I have packages for
sid using pbuilder but they are not online.  Let me know your
feedback, interest, questions, bugs, tips etc, they will be appreciated.

Hopefully I tempted someone to sponsor this package.


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