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Re: Temporary sponsor for LDAP Account Manager 0.4.9

Hi Roland,

On Wed, 2005-03-23 at 19:48 +0100, Roland Gruber wrote:
> I am looking for someone who can upload the latest version of my package.
> My usual sponsor is Andreas Barth but it seems that he is heavily
> working on releasing Sarge and did not respond to my recent mails.
 I think I would do it.

> There are not much changes since 0.4.7. One Debian bug about
> documentation is closed and there are some minor upstrem fixes.
 You close #296498, but I could not find the relevant change. Is
it really missing?

> It would be great if someone could check the package and upload it.
 I have looked into it a bit. rules is a mess IMHO, you may create
a separate shell script for the yada calls. Also, your changelog
usage is a bit strange for me; at least in Debian the most common
entry is the short note of the change, then closes: #xyz in brackets.
Anyway, if you really update the INSTALL text, then I would upload it.


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