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Re: Temporary sponsor for LDAP Account Manager 0.4.9

Hi Laszlo,

Laszlo Boszormenyi schrieb:
I am looking for someone who can upload the latest version of my package.
My usual sponsor is Andreas Barth but it seems that he is heavily
working on releasing Sarge and did not respond to my recent mails.

 I think I would do it.

thanks, this would be great.

There are not much changes since 0.4.7. One Debian bug about
documentation is closed and there are some minor upstrem fixes.

 You close #296498, but I could not find the relevant change. Is
it really missing?

Sorry, I forgot that INSTALL from orig.tar.gz is not included in the
Debian package. I now added the note to README.Debian.

It would be great if someone could check the package and upload it.

 I have looked into it a bit. rules is a mess IMHO, you may create
a separate shell script for the yada calls.

The rules file is generated by yada. ;-)
All information is taken from the packages file.

Also, your changelog
usage is a bit strange for me; at least in Debian the most common
entry is the short note of the change, then closes: #xyz in brackets.

Ok, I will consider this for future packages.

Please take a look at the updated package at


and check if it is correct.


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