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Re: RFS: Krecipes for Debian

On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 11:39:36AM +0100, Matteo Mazzoni for Debian wrote:
> Hi, I'm packaging krecipes, 
> "A KDE Recipe Tool based on a database backend (SQLite, MySQL or
> PostgreSQL), designed to be highly configurable. With features such as:
> configurable ingredients, shopping lists, daily recipe suggestions based
> on calories/diets... and much more to come." 
> http://krecipes.sf.net/ 
> and I'm searching for someone to sponsor me.
> Feel free to contact me for having more information about that. 

Is the package available (URL) for review?

Jamin W. Collins

It has always been Debian's philosophy in the past to stick to what
makes sense, regardless of what crack the rest of the universe is
smoking.  -- Andrew Suffield

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