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Re: RFS: albumshaper - a drag and drop photo album manager

jano kupec <jkupec@zoznam.sk> wrote:

>> 3) I think you should build-depends on qt3-dev-tools and not only on
>>    the libs (as you need qmake from the former).
> i added it there, but i thought it shouldn't be necessary since the
> libqt3-mt-dev already depends on qt3-dev-tools, according to apt-cache
> show libqt3-mt-dev

You shouldn't care about what libqt3-mt-dev depends on. This is not your
business, and could very well change over time, breaking albumshaper's
build process.

If you directly use qmake in your build process, you must build-depend
on the package that provides it, qt3-dev-tools.

Same thing for depends: they must reflect exactly what the package
directly needs to work properly, not rely on its dependencies pulling
other dependencies.

>> 4) You may set DH_COMPAT to 4.

     Temporarily specifies what compatibility level debhelper should run
     at, overriding any value in debian/compat.

I would rather:

  echo 4 > debian/compat

as suggested in debhelper(7).


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