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Re: RFS: fityk - general-purpose nonlinear curve fitting and data analysis

On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 08:50:30AM -0600, Carlo U. Segre wrote:
>Hello All:
>I am looking for an alternate sponsor for the fityk package.  My current 
>sponsor has indicated that he does not have time to upload the latest 
>version (0.4.4).  Currently this package (version 0.4.3p1) is in testing 
>with no bugs.

I could upload it.

What are your long term plans in relation to debian?

>Package:        fityk
>Author:         Marcin Wojdyr <wojdyr@if.pw.edu.pl>
>URL:            http://www.unipress.waw.pl/soft/crystallography/fityk/
>License:        GPL
>Debian Packages:  deb-src http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/sid source/
>                  deb http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/sid binary/
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>Illinois Institute of Technology
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