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Re: dealing with non-standard upstream packaging?


pabs (pabs@zip.to) wrote:
> > Talk to the upstream packager and kindly ask about changing it.
> This I have done. They say they will look at doing it for the version
> after next.

> Ok, I guess I am missing what to read, the situation is this:
> I wanted to package nsis (http://nsis.sf.net) for debian since I need it
> for a project I wrote (chmdeco). The current upstream tarball is named
> nsis205.tar.bz2 (version is 2.05) and it contains a directory named
> NSIS, which contains the source etc. Referring to the maint-guide
> package, I unpacked the tar.bz2 and ran dh_make, giving this:
> The directory name must be <package>-<version> for dh_make to work!
> I cannot understand the directory name or you have an invalid directory name!
Do the following: bunzip the thing, gzip it and use dh_make with "-f".

> I assume that I should not use dh_make do do the initial debianisation
> in this case? In that case, what would be the best way to create the
> orig.tar.gz? Or should I use the cdbs tarball.mk system?
This is entirely your choice, largely independent of (but with consequences
for) the initial packaging question. You can always just rename your gzipped
tarball to appropriate.orig.tar.gz and populate your debian dir by hand if you
want to skip dh_make.

Kind regards


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