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Re: dealing with non-standard upstream packaging?

On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 14:11 +0000, Thomas Viehmann wrote:

> > The directory name must be <package>-<version> for dh_make to work!
> > I cannot understand the directory name or you have an invalid directory name!
> Do the following: bunzip the thing, gzip it and use dh_make with "-f".

Hmm, this didn't help. I don't know perl very well, but looking at the
dh_make perl source makes me think dh_make relies on the current
directory being named <package>-<version>. So, I did the following:

bunzip2 nsis205.tar.bz2
gzip nsis205.tar
tar zxf nsis205.tar.gz
mv NSIS nsis-2.05
cd nsis-2.05
dh_make -f ../nsis205.tar.gz

This gave me nsis_2.05.orig.tar.gz (containing an NSIS dir), and debuild
seems to behave normally (apart from upstream build errors), so I may
send an RFS at some point.

Does anyone think that it would be worth filing a wishlist bug on
dh_make to allow it to work with any current directory (by providing a
--upstream-version flag in addition to the --packagename)?

Thanks for the advice everyone.


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