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Multiple documentation files with the same name

Hi all - here's Mattia/RedGlow. I'm a brand new wannabe debian packager ^_^.
I'm packaging VDE (http://vde.sourceforge.net), and I've encountered a problem: in the source package, multiple documentation files are all named README, under different directories (bochs/README, qemu/README, etc...), and I would like to put them all in /usr/share/doc/vde. If I simply list them in debian/docs, they're overwritten, and only the last one remains. Ideally, I would like to rename them (bochs/README -> README.Debian, qemu/README -> README.qemu) - what's the right way to accomplish this result?

Thank you all in advance!

Mat/tia Belletti             - Graduate student @ cs.unibo.it
ICQ: 33292311                - email: mbellett@cs.unibo.it
IRC: RedGlow                 - site(s): http://mbellett.web.cs.unibo.it/
RedGlow@jabber.linux.it/Gaim - Linux user 299762 @ machine 213003

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